Thursday, 16 May 2013

Art in all its simplicity at Canvas Art Gallery

There are no apparently senseless blobs of clashing colours, no symbols that require of one to resort to mental acrobatics to fathom as to what it could be all about. They are plain and simple paintings in black and white, gouache on wasli, and their beauty lies in their simplicity and also...-accomplished Pakistani, art events, Art in all its simplicity, Art in all its simplicity at Canvas Art Gallery, art of Ayaz Jokhio, art show by Ayaz Jokhio, artist Ayaz Jokhio, Artists, AYAZ JOKHIO, Ayaz Jokhio artist, blobs of clashing colours, calligraphy, canvas, canvas art, Canvas Art Gallery, canvas gallery, canvasartgallery, Ceramics, cultural paintings, exhibitin at canvas galelry, exhibition of artist Ayaz Jokhio works, international events, landscape, miniature, Non-Commissioned Portraits and Landscapes, Non-Commissioned Portraits and Landscapes at canvas gallery, Non-Commissioned Portraits and Landscapes by Ayaz Jokhio, oil colour, painters, painting exhibitino at canvas gallery, painting of Ayaz Jokhio, pakart,, pakistan art, pakistani art, pakistani artist Ayaz Jokhio, pakistani artists, pakistani painters, pakistani paintings, pastel colors, pen work, portrait, Professional Artist, solo show by Ayaz Jokhio, South Asian artists, still life, water colors-Art in all its simplicity at Canvas Art Gallery

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